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Putting The Financial Pieces of Your Business Together...

When It Comes To Accounting Services, Nothing It More Important
To Your Manufacturing Business Than Trust & Reliability.

At Mordfin Group, we understand that your manufacturing business is a full-time commitment, so our CPAs and experienced business advisers work with you year-round. Think of us as a working partner...

For over 90 years, we’ve earned an outstanding reputation for knowledge, accuracy and delivering consistently sound advice for manufacturing businesses and theirs owners. Our experience and insight about manufacturing accounting can help you meet compliance and reporting standards and make timely, strategic financial decisions to grow your company and position yourself for the future.

The Mordfin Difference - Manufacturers Trust Us

  • 1 Our Genuine Commitment to Personal Service
    The business world is complex, and every client we work with has unique and specific needs. We take the time to understand your business from the inside out.
  • 2 We Objectively Spot Potential Problems
    Mordfin offers you a "Fresh Financial Eye" to identify issues that might cause your company setbacks, and we recommend valuable solutions consistent with your goals.
  • 3 Our Holistic, Collaborative Approach
    Our Company is Proactive & Results-Oriented. We're a creative problem solving company that works alongside you as your partner to navigate your financial well-being and ensure your business addresses its growing financial needs.

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Manufacturing Specialty Services

  • Sales & Use Tax

    Complying with Sales and Use Tax Regulations when operating a high volume manufacturing business can be tricky. The Manufacturing Industry has some specific Use Tax intricacies that further complicate the process. Mordfin's Manufacturing expertise allows us to guide your business with local, state and federal Sales and Use Tax laws. Put your mind at ease, and concentrate on what matters most to your business. We'll take care of compliance.

  • Bookkeeping

    Tracking and accounting for the myriad financial transactions your Manufacuturing Company processes can be a tedious and error prone task. Mordfin's Manufacturing accounting specialists can assist your company in maintaining complete, accurate and up-to-date financial records, with a focus on vertical specific accounting processes, regulations and compliance needs.

  • 263A Costs
    (Adding Non-Direct Costs To Inventory)

    Section 263A of the Tax Code is simple in concept, but extremely complex from a regulatory and compliance perspective. At it's core, the provision takes aim at the capitalization rules for inventory. All manufactureres produce and purchase inventory - unfortunately, in order to comply with the laws, taxpayers must navigate a minefiled of statutory and regulatory guidance and employ a series of confusing allocations. The Manufacturing Specialists at Mordfin have a wealth of experience managing the 263A process, and can ease the burden of this important financial task for manufacturing companies.

  • Job Classifications
    (For Worker's Compensation Issues)

    Your insurance company uses codes to identify specific categories of work. These codes are utilized to effectively estimate workers compensation rates, taking into account the level of risk associated with the role's duties. Mordfin can identify and report Job Classifications and help you understand your workes compensation coverage needs.

  • Business Tax Preparation & Filing

    Perhaps the most important business responsibility is seeing that taxes are collected, and paid at the proper time to local, state and federal authorities. Morfin's Manufacturing specialists will assist your company to understand, prepare and file monthly, quarterly and annual payroll, sales and corporate reporting, and income tax returns.

  • Audits

    The audit process for manufactureres goes beyond the books. Mordfin can help your company stay on top of all of your numbers, from payroll to inventory, and execute a regular audit process to ensure your business is financially sound.

    Are you preparing for an IRS Audit? Mordfin can help you get the books in order and prepare you for the inevetiable questions coming your way... We've helped thousands of clients undertand their IRS audit, comply with requests for documentation and provide the details that the government needs to satisfy their inquery.


Beyond Your Manufacturing Company - We Can Simplify All Your Business Financial Needs

We'll work with you to develop a comprehensive financial plan based on your unique needs and long-term vision for your business.

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