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When it Comes To Accounting Services, Nothing Is More Important
For Your Real Estate Company Than Trust & Reliability

At Mordfin Group, we understand that your business is a real-time commitment, so our CPAs and experienced business advisors work with you year-round. Think of us as a working partner...

For over 90 years, we’ve earned an outstanding reputation for knowledge, accuracy and delivering consistently sound advice for real estate firms and their owners. Our experience and insight about real estate accounting can help you meet compliance and reporting standards and make timely, strategic financial decisions to grow your company and position yourself for the future.

The Mordfin Difference - Real Estate Companies Trust Us

  • 1 Our Genuine Commitment to Personal Service
    The Real Estate business is complex, and every client we work with has unique and specific needs. We take the time to understand your business from the inside out.
  • 2 We Objectively Spot Potential Problems
    Mordfin offers you a "Fresh Financial Eye" to identify issues that might cause your company setbacks, and we recommend valuable solutions consistent with your goals.
  • 3 Our Holistic, Collaborative Approach
    Our Company is Proactive & Results-Oriented. We're a creative problem solving company that works alongside you as your partner to navigate your financial well-being and ensure your business addresses its growing financial needs.

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Real Estate Specialty Services

  • Bookeeping

    Tracking and accounting for the myriad financial transactions your real estate company processes can be a tedious and error prone task. Mordfin's Real Estate accounting specialists can assist your company in maintaining complete, accurate and up-to-date financial records, with a focus on Real Estate industry vertical specific accounting processes, regulations and compliance needs.

  • Financial Statement Preparation

    Preparing financial statements can be simple or complex depending on the size of your company. Some statements need footnote disclosures while other can be presented without any. Details like this generally depend on the purpose of the financial statements. For instance, banks often want basic financials to verify the a company can pay its debts, while the SEC required audited financial statements from all public companies.

  • 1031 Exchange Planning

    A 1031 Exchange allows an investor to sell a property, reinvest the proceeds into a new property, and defer all capital gains taxes. When executed properly, this unique IRC clause helps investors facilitate significant portfolio growth and increased return on investment. Morfin's Real Estate specialists are experts in 1031 Exchange planning and execution, helping Real Estate firms navigate this important process.

  • Cost Segregation

    A cost segregation study is a detailed engineering based study that documents the acceleration of depreciated deductions for owners of commercial real estate and tenants who have invested in leasehold improvements. Our dedicated staff identifies and reallocates eligible assets into IRS-defined modified cost recovery system 5, 7 and 15 year cost recovery periods, significantly shorter than the conventional 39-year period associated with commercial real estate. After consulting with our client to fully understand the project’s goals, Mordfin’s staff will then suggest different combinations of tax strategies with supporting studies to execute on those strategies.

  • Tax Preparation

    Perhaps the most important business responsibility is seeing that taxes are collected, and paid at the proper time to local, state and federal authorities. Morfin's Real Estate specialists will assist your company to understand, prepare and file monthly, quarterly and annual payroll, sales and corporate reporting, and income tax returns.

  • Preparation of Real Estate Documentation

    Real Estate companies have unique filings that Mordfin's accounting experts know like the back of their hand. Whether you're filing Certiorari's, RPIE's or Cost Certifications, we can assist you to gather the proper information, fill out your forms, and file in time to meet any deadlines.


Beyond Real Estate - We Can Simplify All Your Business Financial Needs

We'll work with you to develop a comprehensive financial plan based on your unique needs and long-term vision for your Real Estate company.

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